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Assaut concept and its 3d model

Also a old concept and its 3d model for a cancelled project.

In fact,I do like this concept very much.When I was designing this guy,I was playing the game《Evolve》,and I do like all the characters in the game,so I tried to find a way to do some concepts like it did(simple but big shapes),and then this guy comes out.

Thanks to my colleagues,Chuan Guan and Jiankang Li,they are both amazing artists!The high poly, low poly and materials of his armor was made by Chuan Guan,and the body and head sculpt was done by Jiankang Li(though it was not finished),I did a few adjustment with the textures.

You can see that the final render of the character is not perfect,because we both are always in constant learning.

Any way,hope you guys like it!

Rock d img 3630
Rock d img 3629