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some old works

Some old works I did for a cancelled project when I was at NetEase.

So glad to meet many great guys there,,and I really cherish the friendship with you guys, and thanks for letting me learn a lot from all of u!

Rock d h009 trshenpanzhe
Rock d h013 trzhanxing f
Rock d a020 russell
Rock d h015 hcjuren 01
Rock d h007 transhazhe 1
Rock d mercenary concept
Rock d h008 trjiushuzhe
Rock d h007 transhazhe 2
Rock d mon h004 add 001
Rock d mon h004 add 004
Rock d n013 add 001 g
Rock d mavis concept
Rock d n015 jiaotuan 01
Rock d
Rock d
Rock d n02 n02