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Old concept art works for an animation short.

Hi guys,here are some old works I did for an animation short,the short was expected to be a very short demo that I and my small team could get each other's skill set known better through it.And I am really grateful to everyone in the team for their help,even though due to some unforeseeable reasons that we have not get it done completely at last,it was really awesome to have you all during that period.And I really wish you all the best in the future!

Producer:Kai Liu
Art Director:Rock D
Concept Art:Rock D
Model and Texture: Keguan Ni, Junkai Liu, Guangpeng Wang,Songran Li,
Visual Effects:Xun Huang,Wuji Zhang
Render:Hangzhou Yang,Zhengfen Zeng
Animator:Tuqiang Wei

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Rock d scence2 boss concept
Rock d scence2 boss hex variations
Rock d scence2 charactor01 concept
Rock d scence2 charactor02 concept
Rock d scence2 charactor03 concept
Rock d 2323232


Rock d 323324234
Rock d uq5ik 92azc zz05 ym