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A lot of old works for VR project

Here are some concepts I made for a VR project which is named 《Zombies Never Die》,《Zombies Never Die》is a Tower defense game,you and your friends could play together to kill zombies and monsters to protect your base in the game,you can use many weapons and traps in it and really have a great fun with it.In the beginning,we intended to release this work to steam with VIVE,unfortunately, for various reasons, the plan failed,have to say,so disappointed on this.

Anyway,hope you guys like it!

Rock d qq 20160429183636 copy
Rock d rough sketches copy


Rock d sm monster e 01 wip
Rock d sm monster m 01 wip
Rock d main character
Rock d c player female wip01
Rock d sm armor 01 wip
Rock d c prop trap f 04
Rock d shotgun final
Rock d sword concept
Rock d sm trap f 02 concept wip
Rock d sm trap t 01 w i p
Rock d sm trap w 01 wip
Rock d c prop 01
Rock d c concept loginroom book
Rock d c ui icon left hand 01
Rock d c player armor inst final